Investor Relations App

Build a transparent communication channel with clients, stakeholders and more

Our Investor Relations App offers firms in the financial space a way of directly communicating everything reports, analysis and research to clients, stakeholders and any other interested parties.

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All relevant investor relations material in one place 

Utilizing our award-winning document center technology, the app allows you to upload content directly to relevant parties, ranging from generic investor relations materials to quarterly reports to minutes from meetings and more. This allows you to distribute materials to relevant stakeholders in a matter of seconds, ensuring they are categorized and segmented clearly with an intuitive UX design on the front end of the app to ensure that users are pointed in the correct direction. 

In addition, video and HTML content can also be uploaded to the app to sit in video libraries - containing say, messages from the CEO and senior management. 

Security as priority

Security is our priority with any firm at YUDU, large or small. Having worked with clients such as Tesco Bank, Moody's and Citadel Wealth Management, we have a keen understanding of the security requirements of financial firms - whether it's in ensuring state of the art encryption on the delivery end or security of our own premises and web servers on the physical end. 

Our permission management system also allows you to create user groups corresponding to certain permission levels, for example, allowing employees of your financial organization to view all content within the app while gating off other kinds of content to various types of stakeholders depending upon what is most relevant to them. 

Readable on smartphones

Our unique PhoneView technology allows you to publish documents that, through displaying text and imagery within them as responsive HTML/CSS, are easily readable on even the smallest smartphones while also holding onto all the advantages of our standard document center technology, for example the ability to read the content offline. 

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