YUDU Sentinel


The fastest way to respond to any incident

YUDU Sentinel is a crisis communication platform/mass notification system (MNS) geared towards managing emerging incidents within the crucial "golden hour" occurring immediately after an incident transpires. 

The architecture is "Mobile First", with an intuitive app for employees and users alongside a powerful back-end dashboard for administrators. Crucially, the entire response to an incident can be managed from a mobile device.

Simple administration, comprehensive communication

  • Employee/User directory: Upload and update contact list and direct contact details in the App's Employee Address Book (this can be done via API or CSV).
  • Broadcast center: Broadcast to users of the app through three methods: SMS, E-Mail and In-App communication, ensuring your employees/users are always in reach. 
  • Interactive floorplan: Place an interactive floorplan within the app if you are managing premises or offices for tenants or employees. 
  • Automated data-entry: Ensure employees have downloaded the app and automatically inputted their data through the mass communication system. 
  • Analytics: Generate reports for incident analysis and management reporting.
  • Document management: Make sure particular user groups have access to particular documents you have published to the app, through the dashboard's powerful document management system. 

With an emphasis on simple workflows, efficient communication methods and best-in-class document delivery; YUDU's Crisis Communication Apps give employers, business continuity specialists, facilitites managers and others peace of mind in the event of both major and minor incidents. 

How Sentinel helped to make a famous law firm more resilient

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• A communication channel independent of social media noise, allowing messages to be delivered clearly and succinctly to relevant parties

• Responsive web portal that can be accessed from laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. 

Three broadcasting types for multiple reduncancies: SMS, E-Mail and In-App. 



• Provide all users, or certain users of the app with a complete directory of users within the app, to act as an address book directory or simply to use in the event of incidents. 



• Security-rich Physical Infrastructure, Configuration, Architecture, Business Processes, and Operations.

• Based on core security practices, ISO 27001-27002, provide control structures for Physical Security, Emergency Planning, Investigations, Information Protection, Education and Risk Analysis.

• No single point of failure with fully redundant, in-sync filestores (for all uploaded/processed files), in addition to backups created nightly. 

Talk to the team to see how we could help improve your digital communications in a crisis. 


• Organize relevant people within your database into specific broadcasting user groups, ensuring that the right type of message reaches the right kind of people in a flash.

• For example, make sure that you can broadcast directly to your IT department in the event of a major server outage, air-gapping other employees from the messages.

• Create these groups easily in the administrative dashboard. 



• Reports can be generated for event analysis and management reporting.

• Display reports in easily digestible formats, like pie charts, or export them as csv files for more in-depth examination. 

• Ensure a comprehensive backlog of all administrative activity. 





• YUDU support two delivery methods via app and browser to iOS, Android, Windows and Desktops.

• Dedicated Account Management, to help you stay up to date with new features, solutions and developments.  New releases happen each quarter, to keep you ahead of the game. 

• Technical support via Phone, Live Chat, e-mail and dedicated help site with video tutorials and guides.  Live webinars and in-house training also available upon request. 


• Prompt staff to check-in their status at the click of a button and alert management if they are in danger. All individual data is displayed on a clear and live dashboard, instantly highlighting any areas of concern.

• Use the app's response functionality to ask questions of staff about everything from management policy to how where they currently are. 


• Provide an on-device library of all critical instructions, documentation and procedures, accessible without the need for an internet or phone connection.

• Assign particular user-groups access to particular documents, and gate their access to others.

• Add interactive elements to documents, eg. buttons to ensure that the user has read the relevant document.